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Back to basics- focusing on security architecture & strategy

Think Tank - 3:25 pm - 3:50 pm

In a world of increased sophistication, frequency and impact of cyber-attacks, security executives often struggle to juggle through priorities. How to stop the bleeding and staying ahead in the game with bad actors is a question that CISOs are often thinking in their minds. Considering cyber-attack is unavoidable, what should the security executives do to proactively prevent attacks and protect assets? This presentation will explain how going back to the basics and building a strong architecture practice helps cyber organizations to avoid shiny-toy syndrome and build a strategic risk-based controls maturity.


  1. Only running after newer security controls is NEVER THE answer
  2. Building a control footprint that is  risk based, absolutely needed for your organization and not driven by industry buzzwords
  3. Step by step approach on achieving architectural maturity in security space

Questions to address: 

  1. Why focusing on architecture is so critical now?
  2. How to achieve maturity in establishing a security architecture practice?

Presented by:

Parthasarathi Chakraborty, Director, Infrastructure & Cloud Security Architecture, BMO Financial Group View details