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Don't Break the Bank: Achieving Compliance in Financial Institutions Quickly and at Scale

Thought Leadership - 11:30 am - 11:55 am

Compliance regulations such as SWIFT and GDPR can be challenging to understand and implement. Many of these regulations have cybersecurity requirements that are focused on protecting critical banking infrastructure with aggressive timelines - and without disrupting the very business-critical systems you're trying to protect. Jumping from one set of requirements to another, and to subsequent internal and external audits, can feel like a never-ending cycle. 

In this session, we will share thoughts on different approaches to handling the unique challenges a security practitioner in financial services can expect. We'll highlight Illumio's unique position helping the largest financial institutions in the world solve regulatory and compliance challenges quickly and at scale. 


  1. Top challenges facing global banking 
  2. Approaches to protecting your "digital crown jewels" 
  3. Pros and cons of different approaches 
  4. How to future-proof for evolving requirements

Presented by:

Sumita Gorla, Systems Engineer, Illumio, Inc. View details


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Illumio, Inc. View details