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Reducing Risk in the Face of Cyberattacks & Data Loss Exposure: For Business-Critical Data, Recovery is Everything

Executive Boardroom - 1:15 pm - 1:40 pm

As a security office, protecting against exposure to the risk of data loss is one of your major concerns. Cyberattacks and extended outages are just some of the threats your organization faces. It's likely that many of your critical enterprise-wide applications run on Oracle Database, so protecting them against these threats should be a top priority. 

When a ransomware attack occurs, recovery is everything. Continuous protection eliminating exposure to the risks of database data loss. Cybercriminals are using ransomware to target mission-critical data and enterprise applications. If a ransomware attack gets past your security barriers, you have two options: pay to regain access to your data or restore as quickly as possible from the last successful backup prior to the attack. If you choose to restore instead of paying, your IT team will need to make sure you have a valid copy that can be recovered quickly. In addition, they'll need a recovery point as close as possible to the moment prior to the attack - seconds, not hours - to minimize data loss and business disruption. 

Join us to discuss how Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (Recovery Appliance) has been developed by Oracle specifically to protect Oracle Databases, it ensures optimal protection of your critical data. Who better to know the best way to protect your Oracle Database than Oracle itself? It not only protects each transaction down to the last sub-second, but also maps those changes to create an on-demand, ready-to-restore full database copy. This enables your IT team to rapidly recover data up to the very moment a ransomware attack or outage occurs -eliminating the risk to your organization's productivity, revenue, and reputation. And, because Recovery Appliance can cut recovery times by up to 90 percent - your business operations get fully up and running rapidly.

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